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Design Patterns in Production Systems Design Patterns are reusable, mini-software architectures created to solve particular classes of implementation problems that frequently arise in practice. Readers of this white paper will be introduced to a range of basic to advanced patterns with wide application that can be used in rule-based systems, such as JBoss Enterprise BRMS. Topics covered include: -Basic Rule Formats -Fact...
Red Hat
Application Development, Java English
Contrast : Application Security for JavaEE that Just Works Many businesses are caught on the horns of a dilemma – how to choose between scaling security and rigorous analysis. Should an organization rely on automated tools to span the application portfolio and tolerate missing critical security flaws? Or, should they use expert security consultants to examine a subset of their most critical applications to get better assurance? Contrast is a Saas based...
Aspect Security
Application Performance Management, Enterprise Solutions, Java EE, Security English
Do You Really Get Classloaders? “Do You Really Get Classloaders” represents a culmination of the research and content that Jevgeni and the team at ZeroTurnaround (especially our developers working on JRebel, which cleverly loopholes classloaders in order to reload all sorts of code changes without restarting anything) have uncovered in the last 4 years. In this tour of the Java classloading mechanism, we examine things both...
Application Performance Management, Java, Java EE, JVM, Web Application Development English
Dealing with Memcached Challenges Replacing a Memcached Tier With a Couchbase Cluster Are you dealing with memcached problems like cold cache, heavy contention of RDBMS resources and lack of scale-out flexibility? Several organizations have successfully replaced memcached tiers with a Couchbase cluster. Couchbase Server, a NoSQL database is a drop-in replacement for memcached tiers and addresses these challenges. This paper focuses on these problems and explains how Couchbase...
Application Performance Management, Architecture & Management, Big Data, Databases, Deployment, Implementation, NoSQL, Open Source Software English
Navigating the Transition From Relational to NoSQL Database Technology This white paper, Navigating the Transition From Relational to NoSQL Technology, takes a look at the differences between relational and document database technology, highlights the implications of those differences for application developers, and provides guidance that can ease the transition from relational to NoSQL. This 8-page white paper: -Explores the challenges driving the need for a non-...
Application Development, Architecture & Management, Big Data, Databases, Implementation, NoSQL English
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Legacy Systems Modernisation: Proven Methods for Gaining Incremental Value from Existing IT Investments Businesses face a fundamental disconnect between the IT infrastructure demanded by their emerging business needs and the infrastructure they have built up over generations. This disconnect is one of the primary contributors to the calcification of established businesses, leading to stagnant growth and ultimately, decline. Learn more about solutions and best practices to address the legacy system...
Architecture & Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Solutions, Middleware, Policy Implementation English
The Payoffs of PaaS: Four Ways Cloud Platform-as-a-Service Offerings Can Improve Performance While Reducing Operational Costs As IT organizations increasingly face the challenges of managing the complexity of delivering superior application performance and reliability across a disparate range of technology and deployment environments, the Cloud has emerged as a cost-effective means to build virtual data centers. But Infrastructure platforms like Amazon Web Services don't preclude companies from needing experienced...
Application Performance Management, Cloud Computing, Deployment, Enterprise Solutions, Infrastructure, PaaS, PHP, Virtualisation English
Rapid application development for JEE using Adobe® ColdFusion® 9 For many IT managers and business-focused decision-makers, today’s technology trends are presenting a unique and important inflection point. While Adobe ColdFusion software is widely used throughout a majority of organizations today, the Java™ programming language is rapidly being considered or adopted in many of these organizations. As IT professionals investigate the use of ColdFusion versus...
Application Development, Java, Java EE English
NoSQL Database Technology: Post-relational data management for interactive software systems The scalability and performance needs of today’s interactive software systems differ dramatically from those of traditional applications, yet many continue to rely on traditional RDBMS technology – with suboptimal results. This white paper provides an overview of how application requirements have changed fundamentally, and why RDBMS technology has failed to keep pace. It also examines attempts to...
Architecture & Management, Databases, Enterprise Solutions, IT-Management, NoSQL, Policy Implementation English
How Apollo Group Evaluated MongoDB Apollo Group, best known as the parent company of the University of Phoenix, sought to build a cloud-based learning management platform and needed a new data store to support it. After a thorough evaluation, Apollo Group selected MongoDB for its ease of use, performance, availability, and cost effectiveness. This paper describes the process and outcomes of Apollo Group's assessment.
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